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Each spring ALL fields two 50/70 Intermediate All-Star teams (one NL and one AL) for players ages 11 and 12 to represent their respective league in the District 4 All-Star Tournament. 
ALL is pleased to announce the managers and coaches of the 2019 50/70 District All-Star teams!
NL Manager:     Usbaldo Angel (Twins)                AL Manager:   Adam Balutis (Orioles)
NL Coaches:     Bobby Blyler (Phillies)                 AL Coach:       Rich Erler (Orioles)
                          Mark Nersasian (Twins)


Eligibility Criteria
There are three eligibility criteria that must be met before final selection and team roster announcement (In fact, players will not be considered for an All-Star team until the following commitment is made): 
Participation: A player must have played in a minimum of 60% of regular season games. Game participation is defined as having played at least six consecutive outs defensively and had at least one at bat during a game.
Selection: A total of 12 to 14 players are chosen per team. The first seven players on each team are chosen by peer voting, with the next five chosen by managers of the particular league the player played in during the season. The All-Star team Manager may or may not elect to add 1 to 3 additional players. 
Availability: Players are expected to make at least 90% of the practices and games in order to be eligible for all-stars. Daily 2-3 hour practices start in early June with tournament play typically running the end of June through mid-July. If All-Stars may be of interest to your player, please keep this time frame in mind when making plans for summer. 
If selected players have met all three criteria, he/she will be announced as an All-Star.
Important Dates
The District 4 tournament calendar is not available at this time. As soon as we obtain more information, we will post an update to this site. Once announced, you should also be able to find information at the Virginia District 4 Little League webpage at www.VAd4ll.org.
  • Rosters will be announced June 1st, 2019
  • District 4 Tournament will begin (Date TBD but likely mid-June) (Location TBD)
  • State Tournament - (Date TBD but likely early to mid-July) (Location TBD)
If you have any questions, please email .