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by posted 06/14/2018

AAA National League East - Manager Kevin Flynn (Mets) and Coach Bill Brougham (Rockies)        

Ryan Sullivan (Nationals), Tyler Flint-Steinig (Nationals), Tommy Leland (Nationals), Henry Flynn (Mets), Paul Liles (Mets), Christian Keng (Mets), Landon Scott (Pirates), Lionel Gannon (Pirates), Samuel Brock (Pirates), Wesley Flamer (Rockies), Alex Oketch (Rockies), Liam Brougham (Rockies)

AAA National League West - Manager Wayne Bovier (Yankees) and Coach Max Daout (Cubs)

Parker Vance (Royals), Finnegan Appel (Royals), Sam Klawonn (Royals), Nicolas Tarquine (Royals), Max Daout (Cubs), Michael Robbins (Cubs), Cole Logdson (Cubs), Tristan Sears (Cubs), Joshua Bovier (Yankees), Sam Baird (Yankees), Nate Robinson (Yankees), Eli Greer (Yankees)

AAA American League East - Manager Jamie Atkinson (Orioles) and Coach Grant Heinrich (Mariners)

Emmett Spence (Orioles), Ian Sawtelle (Orioles), Evan Yue (Orioles), Tommy Keane (Orioles), Ben Kutler (Red Sox), Tommy Zwicker (Red Sox), Matthew Ladd (Red Sox), Carmichael Williams (Red Sox), Efrain Rivera (Mariners), Dylan Heinrich (Mariners), Aiden Frazier (Mariners), Darragh Cahill (Mariners)

AAA American League West - Manager Jeremy James (Phillies) and Coach John Oh (Angels)

Cade James (Phillies), Talon Duce (Phillies), Charlie Schirmer (Phillies), Zach Schroeder (Phillies), Ryan Klinger (Rays), Sam Graf (Rays), Brady Doster (Rays), Henry Sellers-Dubray (Rays), Drew Tyskowski (Angels), Jacob Oh (Angels), Jacob Sonenshine (Angels), Justin Molina (Angels)

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CONGRATS! ALL Local Majors All Stars
by posted 06/13/2018


Majors National League East - Coaches Steve Smith & Seth Robbins

Oliver Van Eaton (Brewers), Jack Logsdon (Brewers), Taylor Mitchell (Brewers), Gary Unruh (Braves), Matt Federico (Braves), Jackson Colgan (Braves), Connor Keefe (Marlins), Andrew Klinger (Marlins), Brady Strawn (Marlins), Ethan Sailer (Dbacks), Connor Rogers (Dbacks), Matt Voigt (Dbacks)

Majors National League West - Coaches Joe Mazel & Peter Blagrove

Jimmy Mazel (Mets), Alessio Waugh (Mets), Kimble Ettelt (Mets), Connor Moore (Nationals), Justin Blagrove (Nationals), Michael Maney (Nationals), Martin Barreto (Padres), Potter Hopfensperger (Padres), Frankie LoGerfo (Padres), Zach Melzer (Pirates), Matthew Len (Pirates), Quinn Breed (Pirates)

Majors American League East - Coaches Dan Branch (Orioles) & JP Todd (Orioles)

Beau Branch (Orioles), Joseph Todd (Orioles), Winston Watkins (Orioles), Jacob Ellison (Twins), Ben Hoffman (Twins), Ryan Beck (Twins), Emmett Engelhardt (Rangers), George Wyatt (Rangers), Jacob Huth (Rangers), Aiden Smith (Red Sox), Michael Cavey (Red Sox), Scottie Price (Red Sox)

Majors American League West - Coaches Adam Rasmussen & Brent Newton

Kian McMahan (Rays), Beckett Hampton (Rays), Cameron Hershey (Rays), Andrew Ladd (Rockies), Jose Segui (Rockies), Gil Newton (Rockies), Heath Butler (Tigers), Carter Gray (Tigers), Henrik Raimo (Tigers), David Cockrell (Yankees), Aiden Schroeder (Yankees), Jude Roggen (Yankees)

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ALL D4 All Stars Needs Your Help
by posted 06/13/2018

Arlington is excited to host Five D4 All-Star games at Barcroft this year! 

To guarantee they run smoothly, we need volunteers for several positions in the press box.  So that the All-Star families can enjoy the games, we are asking other ALL families and Board members to fill the positions listed.  Some positions can be filled by older, responsible kid ballplayers or baseball fans so feel free to make it a family affair!  Start time of each slot is 1 hour prior to game time to ensure you can check in with the D4 authorities and get information on what to do. 


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Youth Challenger Sportsmanship Award
by posted 06/07/2018

Congratulations to Ellie Calvo who was awarded the Youth Challenger Sportsmanship Award. She was extremely excited and thrilled at receiving her trophy.  

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by posted 06/04/2018

Arlington Little League would like to congratulate the following players on their District 4 All-Star Selections:


8/9/10 American League (Manager, Scott Gerber; Coaches, Drew Thomson & Jason Rucker; Asst. Coach, Jason Rizzo)

Cooper Colucia, Remi Crum, Sidd Gadhia, Henry Gerber, Noah Hitzig, Owen Quentin, JD Rizzo, Anthony Rucker, Blake Rucker, Elliott Sagana, Samson Schneider, Henry (Hank) Thomson and Jack Woda.


8/9/10 National League (Manager, Dave Rohrbach; Coaches, Justin Dobbie & Warren Thune; Asst. Coach, Troy Palma)

Isabel Delecourt, Jack Dobbie, Brady Keefe, Robert Kilpatrick, Alexander Len, Owen Liu-Bailey, Caleb Merkel, Brady Owens, Nicky Palma, Patrick Porter, Nicolas Rohrbach, Callahan Smith, Dylan Stone and Max Thune.


50/70 American League (Manager, Rich Erler; Coaches, Mike Goldsmith & Rich Mandleur)

Thomas Antonipillai, Zachary Black, Nick Buono, Jonah Carlson, Coby Casalengo, Jack Couture, Gavin Dougherty, Eric Ito, Paul Matechak, Andy Palma, Dereje Reichert, Jack Rucker, John Sharkey and Owen Woodward.


50/70 National League (Manager, Glenn Swanson; Coaches, Sam Fox & Bobby Blyler; Asst. Coach Jeff Grove)

Teddy Angel, Kai Behrens, Easton Belongia, Dane Berkley, Mason Bodnar, Mason Bull, Chet Kane Collins, Charlie Grove, Isaac Hobbs, Landon Huth, Jack Keane, Davian Peretti, Ethan Van Sice and Jackson Wiley.

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