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What is STEP? Read all about it here...
by Master Admin posted 01/29/2018

Spring Training Evaluation Program (STEP) is coming up....

Spring Training Evaluation Program (STEP)

Players registered for AAA, Majors, and 50/70 must attend STEP where League Official and Coaches’ recommendations are used to place players at the appropriate level. These evaluation sessions are kept fun, friendly, and informal.  (Returning 50/70 players do not attend STEP.)

Arlington Little League makes a concerted effort to place players in time slots with friends and former teammates so they will be more relaxed in the STEP environment.  This does not mean they will be drafted to play together.  Our goal is to make the day more enjoyable for your children.

Location – Williamsburg Middle School Gym (3600 North Harrison Street, Arlington, VA 22207)

Dates & Times -

  • Sunday, February 18 -  50/70 & Majors - will be held at Barcroft 6

  • Sunday, February 25 - Majors & AAA

  • Sunday, March 4 - AAA

    Confirm the appointment that you will receive via email.

    Bring your glove. A batting helmet and bat are recommended but can be provided by the league.

    Dress the same as you would for an indoor baseball practice: sneakers (NO cleats!), hat, tee shirt or sweatshirt, and shorts, baseball pants, or sweatpants. 

    Purpose – STEP is to allow the league and the coaches to rate players in order to form balanced, competitive teams. Every player will get placed on a team. 

    We know that many kids have not played since last season. We also understand that a player’s ability to hit the ball or throw a strike on so few repetitions is not necessarily indicative of their skill level. Please trust us to evaluate form and mechanics as much as, if not more than, results. 

    PLAYER EVALUATIONS WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH PARENTS. This policy is non-negotiable. The information gathered in STEP is only for use by the league officials and coaches involved in the drafts for the purpose of assisting ALL in forming balanced, competitive teams. It is not designed to provide specific feedback on individual players. All coaches have been instructed not to provide STEP information to parents, so please do not ask them for it.

    League officials provide coaches with their baseline ratings. Coaches use this, as well as their own information, to draft players. While coaches at 50/70 and Majors do consider friend and coach requests, those are not the most important factors when drafting players. Instead, Arlington Little League focuses on balanced competition. Coaches fill their teams to the limit of 12 players. Any players who are not selected in the 50/70 draft are placed in the Majors draft.

    More information can be found at http://arlingtonlittleleague.org/Page.asp?n=62060&org=WP.ARLINGTONLITTLELEAGUE.ORG

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NEW in 2018...the ALL Team Parent
by Master Admin posted 01/22/2018

NEW in 2018...the ALL Team Parent
We're looking for enthusiastic parents who are interested in helping...perhaps you have a flare for communication or a knack for organizing, the duties are pretty simple.
  • Team roster – Once the team is formed, create a roster of players with player jersey numbers & parent information (email/phone number).
  • Weekly email - Obtain each parent’s email address and send out a “Hey I’m Team Parent” email; Keep parents informed of practice/game schedules, inclement weather information, and Opening Day/Picture Day/Fundraising news.
  • Liaison between parents and coaches – Check with coach(es) regarding information they would like in your weekly email to parents.
  • Liaison between parents and League – If there are issues or concerns, please email Jenny Hilscher; Conversely, the League will give you information for parents.
  • Encourage sportsmanship – players and parents occasionally need reminding of this
  • Attend meetings – there won’t be likely more than one or two of these in a season. Please attend or have someone attend if you are unable.
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